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Zambia Principal Delegation Visited China
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A delegation of principals and chancellors from Zambia visited China Five principals and chancellors from three ...

Zambia Principal Delegation Visited China

    Five principals and chancellors from three public universities and middle or primary schools visited China during the period from September 21 to 30. This visit was organized by Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia(UNZA). 

    In China, they paid a formal visit to Hanban/ Confucius Institute Headquarters and exchanged views with Hu Ziyuan, Deputy director of Confucius Institute Affairs1, Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, He Yi, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at UNZA, and other officials after a visit to the cultural experience center at Hanban. Their second destination was Hebei University of Economics and Business(HBEB) where a discussion with the leadership and the representatives of teachers and students of HBEB on the cooperation projects was held. They also visited the famous 17th Middle School of Shijiazhuang and some scenic spots like the Great wall, the Imperial Palace, Bird’s Nest and water Cube in Beijing, Zhaozhou Bridge and Berlin Temple in Hebei Province, which deepened their understanding about Chinese culture and enhanced the traditional friendship between China and Zambia.
    Back in Zambia, they were all enthusiastic and confident about the cultural cooperation with China. Principal of Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES), after discussing with Chinese director He Yi, has decided to add Chinese language to the compulsory courses for the students of the International Tourism Management and start the exchange students project with  Hebei University of Economics and Business in China. The dean of and Social Sciences of UNZA and Deputy Vice-chancellor of Copper-belt University said they would urge the academic committee to pass the proposal that Chinese language should be placed on the required courses list in these two universities.

                                             Negotiating Cooperation & Exchange Item with Leaders of Heuet 

                                                                                       Visiting Hanban
                                                                     Visiting EPR Laboratory of Heuet
                                                           Visiting Shijiazhuang No.17 Middle School


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