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From teaching to practice
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From teaching to practice.----The cultural exchange activities between China and Zambia were held at Mulungushi Uni...
From teaching to practice.
----The cultural exchange activities between China and Zambia were held at Mulungushi University Teaching Point
Mulungushi University Teaching Point, Confucius Institute at University of Zambia make theory teaching into practice. They let students experience the Chinese splendid culture and the teaching effect was good.
Recently, Mr. Wang Jinzhong organized the China-Zambia diet cultural exchange activities. From picking vegetables, cooking to taste, the students experienced the rich content of the Chinese diet culture.
In the garden, the students did not only understand the variety of Chinese vegetables, but also learnt many vegetable planting techniques. This sent a wisp of spring breeze to Zambia, giving them hope to enrich their own dining-table. In the kitchen, the students followed the teachers cooking together. Cooking methods in various forms let the students acclaim the peak of perfection. The students all marveled at the dishes in bright-colored, flavorful and savory. Some students also followed Chinese teachers to learn how to make dumplings. At the same time, the students also showed their skills, they did the most classic Zambia dishes. At the dinner table, teachers and students did not overcome the temptation of foods. They tasted the food and were pleased with its taste.
Confucius Institute director He Yi with Professor Ali who is the dean of School of Social Sciences and Confucius Institute teachers participated in exchange activities. This activity has taken the students from one side to the full range of knowledge and experience and enriched connotation of China's agricultural production and food culture, cooking technology.
Professor Ali praised the exchange effect that not only made relationship between teachers and students closer, but also stimulated the students' interest on learning Chinese. He wants to do more such kinds of activities to promote Chinese learning forever.


Picking Vegetables


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