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Chinese Speech Contest in CIKU
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Chinese Speech Contest in Nepal Confucius Institute May 29, 2012, theConfucius Instituteof Katmandu University held...

Chinese Speech Contest in CIKU

    May 29, 2012, the Confucius Institute at Katmandu University held a Chinese Speech Contest with the theme of “Confucius Institute with Me” in the meeting hall on the first floor, and 3 students won the excellent prize and 10 students won the trophy.
    This contest was one of the series activities for celebrating the 5th anniversary of Confucius Institute at Katmandu University. To consolidate and test the teaching results, Institute decided to hold a Chinese Speech Contest with the theme of “Confucius Institute with Me” on the late May. They prepared this activity from the early May, and students were very vigorous to put themselves into it passionately. They made use of the rest time to write the composition and excise. Under the guidance of teachers, there were totally 13 students taking part in the contest at last.
    Even though the pronunciation was not very accurate, the contestants dictated the stories about  “Confucius Institute with Me” and “ Chinese Language with Me” with deep affection. They uttered their enthusiasm on Chinese-learning and the desire for China--the country located in the north of the Himalayas. They expressed their experience and feelings about the charming Chinese culture and appreciated the performance that China Hanban established Confucius Institute in Nepal. The admiration and applause were gained again and again for their splendid speeches from the teachers and students who were watching this activity.
    This activity was one of the series activities for celebrating the coming 5th anniversary of Confucius Institute at Katmandu University, and the following activities for experienced Chinese culture like “ Young Long Boxing”, “Chinese Teaism”, “Chinese Stitch Red as Fire” and “I love Confucius Institute Talk”, “Hard-writing exhibition ”, “Picture Show” and “Teaching Material Show” and some other related activities will be held soon.



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