The Conference on Initiative of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-Run School was Held
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    The conference on Initiative of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School was held in the No.2 meeting room on the afternoon of September 4th , It was presided over by member of the standing committee of the school party Chen Liang, and deputy secretary of the party committee and president Ji Lianggang, International Bureau of Education Department deputy director general Li Shoumin and project official Huang Fang attended the conference. University Academic Administration, Degree Office, International Exchange Center, International Education Institute, Graduate School and the deans of the teaching college attended the conference.
    Ji addressed that this is the first time to convene a specific meeting for Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School in our university, and we will continue to convene meetings for this topic. Ji stressed that it is significant to student recruit, teacher exchange, talent cultivation and realization on the great-leap-forward development of our school that carry out the Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School project, and we ask the active coordination from every relevant department promotes this project together.
    Li introduced the background of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School in Hebei province, and addressed that we need to combine the economics and social development demands of Hebei province with the dominant specialties of every university together. Huang introduced the basic information in detail about the Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School in Hebei province, and focus on some problems we will come across frequently during the process of application, approval and applied course. Chen concluded that the Initiative of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School is not only a training session but also a mobilization will, and we ask the relevant departments put the cooperatively-run school project into practice as soon as possible.
    The development of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School of our university was promoted through this conference, and the foundation of project application was laid solidly. 

The conference on Initiative of Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-run School 


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