Delegation visited Zambia and South Africa
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Delegation led by Li Shuhai visited Zambia and South Africa August 22-31, 2012, a 3 people delegation from our ...

Delegation visited Zambia and South Africa 

    August 22-31, 2012, a 3 people delegation from our university led by Li Shuhai, who is the secretary of the party's discipline commission of Heuet, attended the second anniversary of Confucius Institute at UNZA, and visited Tshwane Technology University of South Africa.
    August 24, more than 400 people from all ways of society are all in together to celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of Confucius Institute. John Piri, minister of education of Zambia, Zhou Yuxiao, Chinese ambassador in Zambia, Wales, vice president of University of Zambia, Chai Zhijing, Chinese counselor of economic department in Zambia, Li Shuhai, secretary of the party's discipline commission of Heuet, representative of Chinese institutions, Expects of Chinese medical team in Zambia, journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Zambia, and the whole faculty and students in Confucius Institute at UNZA attended this celebration ceremony.
    Confucius Institute of UNZA has been developed rapidly by the efforts the leaders of institute, faculty and volunteers paid since last two years. From a little organization unknown here to a well known one in Zambia, and from tens of students to more than 1700 students. There are many kinds of classes like Chinese Intermediate Class, UNZA Advanced Administration Class, Business Chinese Class, Specific Class onManager of Zhong Xing Company, Specific Class on Top Management of China Bank, Chinese Tourism Class, Kongfu Class, HSK and YCT Training Course, Chinese for Children etc while there were only a Chinese Basic Class on the very beginning. Confucius Institute has extended to the Capital and the periphery. Good reputation has been formed.
    Mr. Wales made a speech on the ceremony to delegation which expressed a warm welcome.
    Li Shuhai made a speech which affirms the function of Confucius Institute. He also presented that the exchange and cooperation among Hebei University and University of Zambia and other ones will be strengthened in future. He expected that Confucius Institute at UNZA can create more achievements and can make a contribute to popularization of Chinese language.
    Zhou Yuxiao and John also congratulated to institute. After speeches, a brilliant show was presented by students of Confucius Institutefor expressing their best wishes to Confucius Institute.
    August 22-23, the delegation visited the officials of Chinese embassy in Zambia, and expressed their sincere sympathy to the Chinese teachers and volunteers in Confucius Institute. Visiting the Finance and Accounting College and LiebesCollege of UNZA, the delegation with the two colleges reached an agreement together on the teacher and student exchanging.
    August 27, the delegation came and inspected in Tshwane Technology Universityof South Africa. Prince, vice president of the later one, the president of Business College, director of International Affairs and other related directors held a grand welcome ceremony. Then both of the two parties discussed friendly. Mr. Prince introduced a brief overview on Tshwane Technology University of South Africa and put forward intension of cooperation on the aspects of teachers and students exchange and academic exchange. Then Li introduced a brief overview on our university, and made a positive respond on the intension Prince put forward. Then both of the two parties signed MOU on Cooperation between China Hebei University of Economics and Business and South Africa Tshwane Technology University. The delegation also comprehended the all around conditions of the later university through visiting teaching buildings, library and laboratory.
    This visit for Zambia and South Africa promoted the development of Confucius Institute, meanwhile settled a solid foundation for cooperation with the universities and colleges of South Africa.


Li Shuhai making speech on the ceremony


Guest and Audience attended the ceremony


Signing  Cooperation MOU


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